The VERA/LIVE Project

The VERA/LIVE project started in 2014 by Robin Eggens and Ralf Koopman. The goal of this project is to celebrate the music and culture of ‘the international pop underground’ that thrives in the (in)famous VERA Club in Groningen. After four years and four releases, Ralf Koopman left the project and VERA/LIVE welcomed a new member, Nadia Rooks.

Every band that plays in the club will get recorded, but unfortunately those recordings are only available for the bands and end up in an archive of VERA. Here is where VERA/LIVE plays an important role. We choose the best live performance and release them on vinyl. On each 7-inch two bands will be featured with one song, to relive the great moments we shared during these shows.

VERA has her own art division group and for any concert they design and print a silkscreen poster. For our project two people of the Artdivision work together. They design and make a handmade silkscreen for the 7-inch singles. The photos taken during the concert are made into a collage and is printed on the innersleeve of the single.



The first release VERA/LIVE 001 featured best show winner 2014′ and VERA favorites Together PANGEA (USA) and Traumahelikopter (USA). 

The second release VERA/LIVE 002 featured 2013′ best show of the year winners Parquet Courts (USA) with Big Ups (USA). 

The third release VERA/LIVE 003 featuring Reigning Sound (USA) and The Gories (USA). 

The fourth release VERA/LIVE 004 featured 2015′ best show winner of the year Mike Krol (USA) and The Black Cult (NL). 

The fifth release VERA/LIVE 005 featured 2016′ and 2017′ best show winners of the year Protomartyr (USA) and Die Nerven (GER).